A Japanese restaurant in the heart of the Pyrenees.

When we started this project the first thing, we agreed was the experience that we would like the new clients to live inside, how we would love to build a Japanese enclave in the middle of the mountains. And above all, how to build a transition from the speed of the main city’s shopping street and an atmosphere of Japanese calm.

Inspired by “In Praise of Shadows” written by Junichiro Tanizaki we worked a series of contrasts, textures and details to be discovered in the simplicity of the space. Although the restaurant is quite bright, we started with a black canvas in order to highlight the power of the shadows.

Lighting was the key, and unlike regular restaurants projects, here we first worked on the lighting scheme and then, all interior design details and materials. We designed a precise lighting concept, we aimed for contrasts, details and intimacy, every space has its own scheme in order to be separate and private from the next one, but at the same time, all share warm white lighting with different effects.

The experience starts from the street, when the restaurant is identified through a simple façade with different glass transparency that unveils part of the inside. When you step in, the transition between daylight and the deep interior starts with a chill lounge light with rice paper shades, a calm diffuse light that invites you to slow down and enjoy the space. From these first steps you can see almost the entire restaurant; we managed to define different environments in it.

The main room is equipped with direct spotlights directed towards the food, where its colours, shapes and shades become the real protagonists. To ensure it we worked with 10º spotlights with a minimum CRI value of 90 aimed to the table.

From the street to the most private spot on the restaurant you go from a really uniform and soft light to a very contrasted and detailed light beam. The paper screens thoroughly located delimit the space adding privacy and sifts lighting creating comfortable atmospheres.

All the furniture and decorative details have been meticulously chosen by the design team. From the tables, to the artistic pieces on the wall, everything has been selected to create a perfect lighting harmony.

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