For over 25 years, our team at Astro has created lighting rooted in enduring quality. Each of our luminaires begins life in the UK, as simple drawings within our sketchbooks; these ideas are then realised using quality componentry, materials, and tooling, as timeless designs for residential and hospitality projects.
Our latest lighting collection offers quality solutions for bathroom, interior and exterior spaces. A standout of the these designs is Gerrit, a sculptural desk lamp that uses cutting-edge lighting technology to re-imagine a traditional style.

Designed by co-founder and design director, James Bassant, Gerrit is striking yet uncomplicated. It is a desk lamp with a clean, minimalist appearance that is inspired by 1920s modernism and the Dutch De Stijl movement. Its bold design is a nod to the silhouette of the traditional banker’s lamp and delivers function alongside visual appeal.

Precisely crafted from aluminium, the stem is made up of three seamlessly adjoined planes of metal, each purposefully angled and placed to create a visually interesting but functional luminaire from all aspects. An opulent anodised gold finish has been applied to the robust aluminium; this style of anodised gold is a new addition to our finishing collection, and our engineering and quality teams were meticulous in their efforts to perfect the finish composition and application so that visible joins were minimal.

Gerrit, further revolutionises the traditional desk lamp by using a touch-free wave sensor. Controlled by a simple wave across the base, the user’s hand activates the light source on the top plane with ease. This source is a cutting-edge integrated LED tape, which provides a powerful and high-quality wash of warm white light, perfect as reliable task lighting.

Designed with hospitality and luxury residential settings in mind, Gerrit is a versatile and timeless choice that will sit confidently in a variety of spaces; within boutique hotels at a reception desk or guest bedroom bureau, or luxury residential spaces in a home-office setting.

“It was the traditional banker’s lamp that I reimagined for modern day spaces. Carefully considered, each element of Gerrit has been purposefully designed to retain an uncluttered pureness. Minimalist, clean, functional; Gerrit was created to be visually pleasing from every angle.”

James Bassant Design Director

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