From a glamour office lunch break
To a fancy sparkling champagne bar for your “aperitivo”
To a classic moody dinner with your other half.

This was client and Inverse lighting design intent behind this stunning lighting project for George Prime Steak House and Bar in the vibrant Munich city, Germany.

To create the transition from more vibrant lunch to warm late night setting, Inverse suggested to use the warm dimming solution for all the fixture used for direct lighting – mainly accent lighting – and tuneable white solution for all the fixture used for indirect lighting – coves and concealed lighting.

Finding a good narrow beam warm-dim to create sparkle was a challenge. The beta test was to be sure that not only the lighting designer and client were happy but also the chef of the restaurant. As many of you probably know the typical light install in the kitchen area is a cool white light and especially for a steak house to be able to understand the level of cooking of the meat – blue, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done – is really important.

What client and Inverse agreed was to send a working sample of a warm dimming downlight to George Prime Steak House in Prague and ask the chef there to test the light.
The “meat test” went very well and we had the green light from all parts – chef, client and us of course – to proceed with this lighting solution.

Now that the direct ceiling lighting was sorted the next step was to find a good solution for the indirect and concealed lighting. Collaboration with the interior designer to detail the indirect lighting to provide a soft ambient glow, with a specification that matches the downlighting in colour

The final touch – as for any project in hospitality – was to be sought in the decorative luminaire, designed by
JovenHuard interior designer proposal was review and approved by Inverse after a technical coordination for the light source’s types to use.

The final result especially for the bar area and the PDRs is undeniable stunning.

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