Marble is one of the most precious materials used in both architecture and art. Specifically, the Carrara Marble is renown all over the word since ancient times.

GEMEG, a company based in the Apuan Alps, working with this magic stone since 1993 and in 2019 invited architect Victor Vasilev to renovate its premises – offices, showroom and outdoor area. Metis Lighting was asked to bring it into light and based the entire concept on an interplay of contrasts.

The very starting point was the bright white Carrara marble, showcased inside Vasilev’s black finished interiors. Transfering this contrast into lighting terms meant introducing cool daylight-like diffuse illumination on the majestic white volumes while implementing warm colored light in the more private areas visible in the background of the Showroom area. Applying this principle and stressing it sufficiently enough, ignites a unique user’s experience, enhancing the perception of the space.

Luminous lines hidden in the black ceiling of the space, shed cool and homogeneous light on the showcased marble eliminating shadows. The chosen colour temperature was of 5000 K with a high CRI highlighting properly all the white hues and unique natural designs of the marbles.

In the backdrop of the marbles exhibition, the visitor’s glance penetrates inside the warmly and more dramatic lit office interiors. Here 3000 K with high CRI and adequate UGR values luminaires provide different kinds of light; intimate seating areas, bright working spaces and a very flexible setup for the Reception.

All architectural lighting fixtures, both in the Showroom and Office areas are deeply shielded in order to whimsically create an almost ”invisible light” effect. Every light source is sufficiently concealed, avoiding users’ glare although illuminating and enhancing architectural lines and marbles with a great amount of light.

DALI control system allows to separately dim each luminaire creating unique lighting scenarios responding to every specific function required by the staff from time to time.

Light not only embraces but elevates the initial project’s concept to in fact re-create an alternative exhibition space. Artworks are not paintings or sculptures, but similarly precious pieces of stone extracted from the nearby mountains illuminated at their best.

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