Gasholders London is a recently completed development of 145 apartments set within a triplet of listed gasholder guide frames in King’s Cross, London. The design showcases our skill in working with the many and varied qualities of light and dark, in a composition that supports a deeply personal connection to the architecture, while also celebrating its beauty.

At a macro scale, the lighting in each of the three buildings is designed to enhance the experience of looking up through the atria toward the sky. Creating a softly daylit appearance, a simple wash of light to the circular walls is provided by cleverly detailed cove lighting that conceals the source from all viewing angles. The light colour and intensity adapts through the day in response to diurnal changes in the quality of the natural light. Customised cylindrical entrance lights at the door of each apartment punctuate the diffuse quality of the atria with sparkle and warmth.

At night, the glass dome and structure above the atrium are deliberately left dark to create a mirror that reflects the atrium back on itself. Standing in the centre of the circular space, looking up, the effect is an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of circular patterns and reflections.

Looking down from above, the lighting details at ground level provide a sense of definition. Linear lights set beneath the wedge-shaped landscape elements emphasise their architectural forms. Within the soft landscaping, bespoke lanterns humanise the vast space with cosy light at a relatable scale. The quality of the light evokes that of gaslight in a subtle reference to the original purpose of the frames.

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