Garlo I is a limited edition chaise longue hand made in Italy. A blend of light art installation and furniture. The stars are the inspiration for this piece. The idea is to bring close something light-years away from us and set up a physical connection. We are part of everything and, therefore, there is a direct connection between us and the stars we look up to. This piece makes that connection tangible.

The piece is made of matt black steel poles, a base of fenix and nylon lightbulbs (LEDs). The poles also include a shock absorbing system, so they can adapt to the body’s shape and make it a comfortable experience.

Marina Garlo is a London based spanish designer who seeks to bring us into closer contact with light by giving radiance to unexpected, utilitarian items. Her inspiration is to enable us to feel light on a spiritual level; for light to be part of us and for us to be part of light.

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