The goal of the renovation of this incredible brutalist architectural space was to bring a sense of brightness, intensity of light and clarity. The idea behind the artificial lighting during the day and night was at the same time to get bright space, but also to orient the people between vertical connection and horizontal passages. When people are in train stations, they need to have a very clear understanding of direction, timing and where they are. So, through a clear design of the spaces with lighting, we try to increase the feeling of comfort of the user in such a complex space. Most of the spaces are brighter than the minimum requirement in order to emphasize the dramatic aspect of the brutalist architecture through light and not darkness, which was the feeling of the space before. Also, making sure that the Vasarely artwork in the Vasarely Hall was highlighted in order to emphasize the colorful viewing of it. We also created a warm, nice lounge where people would congregate.

L’Observatoire International scope consists of all public circulation including entrances and lobbies, ticket offices, kiosks and guidelines for tenant storefronts.

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