Gagosian Gallery, the very well known exhibition space, opened in Athens in a unique art-deco building at a very nice part of the city centre.

The lighting concept was to provide the flexibility of various luminous conditions in the space, so as the light to be in line with each artwork shown and the artist’s desire. We applied a combination of general and focused lighting solutions. By a luminous ceiling in the center of each exhibition room we gave ambient lighting and a smooth feeling.

We gave the possibility of ambient as well as focused lighting on the walls with wall washing and adjustable angle spotlights on a track. The track surrounds the luminous ceiling and keeps a distance of 80cm-100cm from the walls for a good lighting angle on the artworks.

The LEDS used are of high quality whether it is a led tape or the track lights giving a very high CRI. The led tapes that illuminate the translucent surface of the ceiling are tunable white in order to give warm neutral or cool shades of ambient light for the exhibitors to choose. All luminaires are controlled also remotely by the Casambi technology.

We preserved the art-deco character of the building by upgrading its original vintage pendant luminaires and kept lighting as minimal and discreet as possible so to give to the artworks the protagonistic role.

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