Finally, lush gardens without sunlight. Anywhere.

Effective sunlight replacement solution, developed for Human & Plants, designed for use in areas void of natural light.

Design Methodology:

1. For Humans
• CRI >90
• R9 >90
• CCT Options
• Visual Comfort
• Aesthetics & Finishes
• Horti-tainment Light Shows

2. For Plants
• Formulated Spectrums
• High PPFD Delivery
• Precise Wavelength
• PPFD Binned
• Booster Option
• All Seasons

3. With Technology
• Focussed PPFD Delivery
• Customizable
• Spectrum Mix
• Control
• Desired Daily Duration
• In House Simulation

The unique centre sweet-spot, where Human, Plants & Technology intersect & interact, is the G-Spot.

G-Spot LED Solution
• Shares power consumption meant for Human illumination with Plants
• Saves energy
• Compensated for the destruction of nature
• Encourages indoor biophilic design elements
• Creates multi-sensory Horti-tainment attractions
• For use anywhere
• Benefits everyone

• G-Spot is extremely versatile.
• 10,000+ Configurations

G-Synergy, the overlapping interaction of 3 communities that our design has extensively focused on:

1. From Plants
• Boosts productivity, creativity
• Therapeutic
• Purifies air
• Reduces noise levels
• Provides food, entertainment
• Significantly improves environment for recovery, work, play & live

2. Architects & Designers
With the possibility of plants thriving anywhere without natural sunlight, this Biophilic design element can now be brought indoors, into areas yet to be explored, without compromise, encouraging innovation with nature, in any interior space including very tall volumes.

With precise focussed light delivery, minimal pollution, CRI >90, R9 >90 & visual comfort, G-Spot enhances any space.

3. Developers
Application of G-Spot expands to every possible interior space to optimize scarce urban real-estate, value, creates attractions & saves energy.

G-Spot allows the creation of dynamic precious natural art pieces that change every day.

An investment that will never be obsolete.

The combined result is an appreciating property asset.

G-Synergy makes living with nature in a built-up environment possible, reduces carbon footprint, fights climate change, cleans the air, cools the environment, conserves energy, saves water, heals & provides food.

With G-Synergy there will be new solutions to social & urbanization problems, transforming a once concrete jungle, into a sustainable & liveable city in a garden.

Sharing the Light Together is our first step to Living Green. ANYWHERE.

31 different species of plants including Lavender & edibles, are growing vertically indoors, in our experience lounge, with no windows no natural sunlight no ventilation, using only G-Spot as sunlight replacement.

This ambitious installation has transformed into a lush vertical garden, proof of its effectiveness for future integration into underground cities.

Showing growth in 2-month period

Limitations of Plant Lights available today
• Poor quality of visible light
• Coloured, not white
• No consistency with Architectural Lights
• No precision in light delivery & control
• Not customizable
• Often glaring
• Not aesthetically pleasing

They are simply not designed for use in living spaces where both Human & Plants coexist. These limitations often negate the indoor biophilic design value & benefit.

Consequently, the sunlight replacement solution, must also be Human Centric to push for investment in nature & fight against climate change.

The effective sunlight replacement solution, G-Spot, developed for both Human Illumination & Plant Growth, is designed to allow the significantly beneficial symbiotic coexistence anywhere.

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