The G-CAT is a versatile, decorative and functional, robust wire mounted IP66 rated downlighter. It can be mounted to a catenary wire using a locking hinge mechanism or via a direct single suspension from a ceiling or canopy structure above. It is compatible with multiple wired and wireless control methods and available with wide range of source choices: choices in CRI, CCT, fixed or tuneable (tuneable white or RGB). Integral or remote drivers.  Optically many permutations are available: variously shaped acrylic fronts (tubular, orb etc), bezel and lens or patterned shades.

True to Stoane Lighting’s core ethos, sustainability was a design watchword. The aluminium used is over 90% recycled. The acrylic used is virgin (for optical purity and longevity without yellowing) but 100% recyclable. Parts can easily be disassembled, e.g. no tool is needed to separate the optical part from the main housing. This allows for circularity in the G-CAT’s life cycle. Light sources, control and mounting mechanism can all be changed / upgraded as site usage requires. 5 year warranty and further 20 year duty of care to support comes as standard.

Early installations already demonstrate the G-CAT’s versatility as an exterior place making tool. True to form; site specific derivatives have already been requested and delivered also.

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