The project was created out of a longing for a real cold winter, with snow and ice sculptures created by nature. If someone has walked on frozen water, they have certainly seen round shapes in the ice surface. To convey this effect, the designer used textured glass, which fantastically disperses the light, creating countless sparkles and shadows on the wall, just like on the icy surfaces of a frozen lake. An interesting solution is to add a second, smaller one with a different texture in front of the large circle, which creates new shapes that overlap the effects of the large circle. The artist, working with interior designers, noticed that they often had problems finding lamps for larger walls, which is why Frozen Lake lamps have a diameter of 60 cm or 40 cm. Thanks to this, even one wall lamp beautifully utilizes the space on the wall. The glass is illuminated from the back with two LED bulbs in an E27 fitting, making it extremely easy to use for every user.

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