In the heart of Lisbon, Frou Frou establishes itself as a sanctuary of experiences, where the senses intertwine in a multisensory dance. Inspired by the orient of the 1920s, this restaurant is more than a place to savor; it is a portal that transports to the underground elite of China.

Conceived by Demeyer’s vibrant vision, the interior design with vivid colors and rich textures sets the necessary canvas for this light spectacle. Light and materials become accomplices. Providing versatility to the space was our challenge, creating an intimate and mysterious atmosphere for dinner that could later transform into a festive and carefree stage.

The meticulous study of layers and lighting scenes allows versatility to permeate the room. Lotus lamps, with their punctual and contrasting light, create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for dinner. After dinner, Frou Frou becomes a place where music and light take center stage, magically intertwining with each other.

Light travels through the forms in the ceiling and the fabrics of the walls to the rhythm of the DJ, creating a visual dynamism that guides the user to live a unique multisensory experience.

In conclusion, light and materials come together to naturally transition from an intimate dinner to a very social party!

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