With FortaCast, Organic Lighting has addressed the complexities of inground drive-over lighting with a groundbreaking and proven design.

FortaCast is our patented modular drive-over lighting system offering endless creative possibilities. Constructed of environmentally friendly GFRC sections, it is possible to have long continuous straight lines, circles, squares, intersections, and curves down to a 30cm radius.

It has been engineered to be simple and cost-effective to install, just like a standard paver, supports over 10,000PSI, is durable enough for high-traffic roadways, operates from sub-zero to above 50°C, is IP68 long-term submersible, and easily maintainable with its clamshell service point.

Illuminating FortaCast is our encapsulated, diffused Aqueon LED. Available in mono, tuneable white, addressable RGB and RGBW, they are floodproof, chemical-resistant, vibration-proof, and made of the highest quality components. Aqueon is very low energy, between 6 and 12 W/m, and runs at 50% power, increasing longevity.

Keeping the lights on was one of our crucial design criteria, and being free from corrosive metals and with the ability to slide in and replace up to 30m of Aqueon LED from a single access point, eliminating the need to excavate fixtures or remove lenses, this has been achieved.

With an ever-growing inventory of standard sections, most project needs can be quickly met; for custom designs, FortaCast sections can be easily manufactured in the desired colours, widths, and shapes to realise your design.

Originally conceived as a decorative light, FortaCast has evolved to provide reliable, energy-efficient illumination for transportation and infrastructure projects. It not only enhances safety but is also set to undergo testing in the extreme environment of Alaska, further attesting to its adaptability and resilience.

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