This 11,000 sf, 6-bedroom, 11-bathroom, contemporary home was custom built for an active, busy, modern and tech-savvy family. Sophisticated construction included a structural steel frame with mechanically fastened limestone exterior, interior sound insulation throughout (requiring all fixtures to be IC), an advanced HVAC system and a green roof. The lighting was to be equally state-of-the-art.

The interiors are inspired by Dutch designer Piet Boon; clean lines and simple forms must combine functionality and aesthetics, refined taste with attention to detail using natural materials with rich textures.

Luminaire vocabulary obliged with small square and narrow linear trimless apertures throughout. Layers of light were created by illuminating vertical surfaces and cabinetry for displays and art, glowing coves for ambient and visual interest, and task lighting for function. Decorative luminaires of feathers, crystal and glass adorn spaces.

Challenges were many. The sports court’s 24’ ceiling dictated robust, high output luminaires and extra long life for maintenance. They also had to be attractive. Gym required glare free lighting to ensure visual comfort no matter the exercise. The spa’s lap-pool had to be luxurious but functional and safe.

Maintenance of luminaires required consideration for design layout. Over 600 linear feet of cabinetry lighting demanded to be concealed from normal viewing angles. ~100 drivers had to be mounted remotely yet accessible for maintenance.

Client mandate was “simple controls”. Strategic zoning and scene setting allow for simple user interface via local keypads and smartphones. Dimmers can tune maximum light output for energy savings and lumen maintenance to extend useful life.

3K 90+CRI LEDs were selected. Light finishes mandated colour consistency that was achieved through samples and mockups.

Energy and maintenance goals were achieved, and budget was met.

Luxurious textures, sleek minimalist forms, and elegant living are showcased in this this beautiful, modern, state-of-the-art home.

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