Void was invited to create a light installation in the ceiling of the entrance lobby of the recently renovated Queen Eufemias Gate 8 in the heart of the Oslo financial district.

The installation would support the client’s vision for the building, while giving visitors a feeling of exclusivity and high tech.

Flyt (“Flow”) is the name of the business philosophy and holistic concept of property management firm Braathen Eiendom. Through infrastructure and modular systems, they facilitate a high degree of flexibility for their tenants.

Referencing this, Void has developed signage, graphics and installations that have their origin in a strict rectangular grid.

Animations based on physical fluid simulations add an organic expression symbolizing the flow and seamlessness that Braathen offer their customers.

The ceiling is a custom, exclusive work for the reception lobby. The 85 sqm installation is a perfectly projected quadratic mesh of 4700 acrylic rods.

They are lit up from above the acoustic ceiling panels by specially built LED fixtures, and make up an undulating landscape that breaks up the ceiling. 3D sensor pick up human presence, and propagate waves of light throughout the rods.

Custom built software gives Void control over each single light, and the installation has a color option for special events or branding opportunities for both client and their tenants.

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