FLOWER CLOUDS is a 5m tall, handcrafted light installation made of cellophane sheets and wire, specifically designed for the Awakening Bangkok 2023 Lighting event in Thailand.

This captivating artwork graced the Pak Khlong Talat area, a significant flower market with a rich history. In this neighbourhood, flowers embody the identity, and for countless individuals, they hold cherished memories.

FLOWER CLOUDS aims to revive the consciousness and sensory connection to the people and the place. While memories between individuals and flowers may fade like clouds, the vibrant colours endure, allowing a nostalgic recollection of the past.

Constructed with cellophane paper or wood board silhouettes, the flower ornaments are hung in different layers, creating a captivating hierarchy. Spotlights illuminate transparent colour sheets, generating staggered shadows and a vivid mix of colours on the white floor. Additionally, machines emit smoke around the installation, enhancing the sensory experience with an element of mystery.

Beyond the ground-level view, looking up reveals a different perspective. Glowing flowers, distinct from the soft interplay of light and shadow on the floor, offer a more structured and saturated visual experience. This dual perspective invites the audience to engage with FLOWER CLOUDS on multiple levels, providing a rich and dynamic encounter.

As spectators pass by the installation, they can immerse themselves in the colourful light projections from the flowers, forging a symbolic connection between the vibrant character of the Pak Khlong Talat area and the blossoming flowers.

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