OGL 2 is a super slim recessed floor luminaire series.

Due to its small dimensions of only 28.5 mm in width, it is almost invisible when installed and thus does not interfere with the architecture it is intended to illuminate.

Dark Sky – High visual comfort and environmental protection

Specially developed micro-reflectors enable precise, powerful light control with a high level of visual comfort thanks to optimum glare control. The choice of different reflectors allows the lighting designer to illuminate high vertical surfaces without risking over-illumination. In this way, light is directed to where it is needed, which also prevents light pollution.

Great variety thanks to Elements lighting platform

The luminaire can be supplied in all conceivable light colours.

There are different Micro reflectors for different requirements

It is available in standard sizes 344 mm, 500 mm, 1,000 mm, but special lengths are also possible.

Almost invisible and indestructible

Minimal visible housing parts make the luminaire inconspicuous in daylight
Flush mounting for perfect integration into the environment

Weatherproof and UV-resistant materials guarantee colour stability over the entire service life, extremely stable mounting frame (stainless steel V4A) which can also withstand motorized vehicles

High quality appearance

A high-quality appearance is created by a design without screws in the visible area. Maintenance-free and safe from vandalism due to impact-resistant sealing
Snap-in technology of the light inserts for quick installation without tools

Who would have thought that you can illuminate a building with lights the size of a pinstripe?

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