Designed and manufactured in the UK, Flexi-Light is a first for flexible wall grazing, allowing flexibility in both horizontal and vertical directions in one product. Offering an elegant solution for design challenges, Flexi-Light opens a host of new possibilities for lighting designers, being adaptable to pillars, curves, corners and bends, or bespoke ceiling fixtures, and adding a multitude of exciting new flexible lighting options in one seamless solution with a high level of versatility that is designed to wall graze and follow the contour of your structure.
Having been introduced to lighting designers across the UK with exceptionally positive feedback, Flexi-Light has already caught the imagination of Lighting Designers across the pond in New York and is Vexica’s fastest ever specified product.
Designed and made in the UK using some of the most robust resins on the planet – the luminaire is manufactured using a proprietary resin (one of the most robust on the planet) using the only resin encapsulating machine with this capability in the UK.
IP67 rated, accreditations include Arizona and Florida tests as it is UV stable and can be used in a temperature range of -10 to + 50°C. Currently offered in a range of colour temperatures from 2400 CCT to 6000 CCT, Flexi-light is powered from a remote 24v DC LED driver and can be dimmed via 0-10v, DALI or DMX, and a range of optics are available for different applications.
This innovative LED luminaire outputs 1000 lumens per M and is ideal for flexible applications such as curved wall grazing, circular downlight structures and spiral staircases. We offer Flexi-light in both optical versions and opal resin options in 110° beam angle. Vexica are also currently in the process of formally releasing an RGB pixel version of this product designed for direct view.

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