Flexi Grazer from the LEDFlex range of contemporary linear lighting solutions is ideal for achieving a flawless wall washing effect. Focused and directional, the Flexi Grazer is IP67 rated and is available in single beam angles at 20° and 30°, asymmetric beam angle at 110×70° and oval beam angle at 40×20°, making it suitable for walls of various textures as well as interior and exterior architectural applications.

While the lens implanted on the LED facilitates its directional feature, the silicone encapsulation ensures durability, reliability and ease of installation. High grade Nichia LED chips directly sourced from Japan are specifically used for the Flexi Grazer to ensure optimal light output and luminous efficacy of up to 2255 lm/m and 112.75 lm/w, respectively.

Complementing Profile in anodised grey aluminium is further available to encapsulate the Grazer and protect it from the build-up of dust over time, without compromising on the light output of the luminaire. The Profile can be powder-coated in any colour upon request.

The luminaire is available in single colour temperatures ranging from 2500K to 6000K and dual colour, with RGB and RGBW being released later this year.

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