The expansion of the successful WE-EF FLC200 series projector system is continuing. The latest new addition to the series is the FLC210, which places powerful white light projectors alongside colour mixing, 2700-6000k tuneable white technology and profile projector versions in one, supremely versatile series.

All versions are manufactured from marine-grade, die-cast aluminium alloy that originates from an aluminium substrate sourced from 90% authentic refined recycled aluminium, and with this material being an ‘energy storer’ with only 5% of the original energy input required to recycle at end of life. Die-cast components are further treated to our proven in service, multi-coat corrosion protection system, available in 5 tones, white to black. In addition, fixings and hardware are treated with a sophisticated polymer coat for maximum longevity. For further ongoing protection, gaskets are shielded by the WE-EF controlled compression system that ensures that over-tightening, and potential gasket damage, is eliminated. This powerful yet compact 150mm diameter luminaire has the electronic control gear mounted integral to the housing for complete protection and all versions use CAD-optimised optics for superior output and glare control. In addition WE-EF’s one LED concept is utilised, where each LED in the luminaire lights exactly the same area, eliminating gaps in the light distribution should an individual chip failure occur.

FLC210 colour change projectors can produce coloured light with dynamic progression across the colour spectrum, whilst FLC210 tunable white versions offer infinitely variable colour temperature control from 2,700 to 6,000 K. Also available in colour change and tunable white, FLC200 profile projectors are used to project gobos, create sharply defined light circles or to precisely illuminate the contours of polygonal surfaces. For colour change versions, WE-EF’s innovative colour boost technology is used for colour mixing and generates 30%-40% higher luminous efficacy than the usual standard.

With the necessary emphasis being placed on the effect of light on outdoor spaces and its impact on the environment, FLC210 profile projectors use complex optics to not only produce sharp-edged round or square beams of light, but also as compact gobo projectors to cast complex light patterns and contours onto surfaces and façades – without glare or stray light. In addition, the FLC210 series is optionally available with 2200k LED sources, which helps limit the output of blue light wavelengths that evidence suggests can have negative effects on plants and creatures, further reducing our impact on the environment.

The available light distributions cover most conceivable requirements, with symmetrical beams ranging from wide to a version with a very narrow beam with a precisely defined sharp cut-off of light. Optical accessories broaden the choice still further, with attachments including honeycomb louvres, snoots and a linear spread lenses, which can be further used to tailor the light distribution precisely to the project, minimising stray light and maximising efficiency

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