The Flask system is an evolution in bespoke illumination via a highly modular set of components, a modifiable luminaire, and an efficient made-to-order process. Due to our experimental nature and luminescence obsession we experienced a spike in commissions for bespoke fittings and installations. We saw the role of feature lighting evolving towards site-specific outcomes in symbiosis with their environments. However creatively rewarding, the process needed structure, as the toll of volume bespoke projects was time heavy and costly. In response, we developed a comprehensive system of components and parts, a glass luminaire extensively customizable in color, size and shape, and manufacturing partnerships that ensured an efficient and cost effective made-to-order process. The system allows near limitless possibilities of architectural illumination. We created more than a product, but a process that enables controlled bespoke outcomes and client collaboration, whilst challenging industrialised production and supporting the resurgence of localised manufacturing in Australia.

A Collaborative process with our local Scientific Glass blower allows the Glass Flasks to be customisable in numerous shapes and sizes, and over 47 colours and glass materials. Our system of adaptable components, coupled with our in house fabrication of metal, timber, and internal LED parts/technology, allows the Flasks system near limitless freedom and scaling of suspended arrangements, and includes wall, ceiling, floor/ table applications, and unexplored architectural territory.

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