Lladró Firefly by Olga Hanono

The groundbreaking Mexican designer and artist interprets one of Lladró’s most innovative lighting collections.

Interior designer Olga Hanono signs her first collaboration with Lladró. The daring style of this Mexican artist, who seeks to break with convention, is reflected in the new versions of the four lamps from the *Firefly* collection that she has created for the brand.

Her taste for transforming spaces and objects, as well as her use of geometric patterns, give rise to lighting designs that combine originality and aesthetic elegance. The metallic colours, the black and the contrasts generated against the purity of the white porcelain turn them, beyond their functionality, into true works of art.

For me, lighting is something magical. Through the use of lamps, we can transform spaces throughout the day. It is the lighting that makes a space intimate and welcoming, or enigmatic and special,” explains Olga, who for the first time has ventured into the world of handcrafted porcelain lighting.

Firefly, inspired by the fascinating light of fireflies on warm summer nights.

Firefly, created by the designer and artists at Lladró, takes us into a surprising and exquisite world of porcelain lighting. This collection includes everything from the most colourful to the most refined pieces, such as the models designed by Olga Hanono.

From the floor lamp to the wall lamp, the hanging lamp and the wireless lamp -with autonomous lighting and a USB rechargeable system-, all of them are composed of colourful porcelain fragments and crowned by a lampshade -made of translucent porcelain for the wall lamp and the table model, and made of fabric in the case of the ceiling and floor lamps- that evokes the magic of bioluminescence.

Thus emerged this series of original lighting designs based on plant motifs – such as sunflowers or lotus flowers – which are now transformed by Olga’s creative spirit and her deep artistic sensibility to offer new combinations of colours and shapes.

Versatile, warm and sophisticated, they catch the eye with their decorative structure and fill the room with a rich colour palette with a bright finish and the value of being handmade.

About Olga Hanono

A multifaceted, internationally renowned Mexican designer in the world of art, architecture and design. Her unique aesthetic and acclaimed projects have won her countless awards. In 2018 she was named designer of the year by the Worldwide Alliance of Interior Design, as well as being awarded at the Ibero-American Biennial of Interior Design and Landscape Architecture CIDI, for the last four years.

Lladró, porcelain for the 21st century

For more than 60 years, Lladró has cultivated an exceptional expertise in porcelain in its only factory in the world, in Valencia (Spain). Sculptors and craftsmen delicately craft each piece through an artisanal process that combines ancestral techniques and its own unmistakable palette of colours. Lladró also explores the enormous creative potential of this fine material through collaborations with prestigious designers and contemporary artists.

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