The architectural space of Yanzi Academy is enclosed by courtyard walls and buildings. In the lighting design, we guide the psychological feelings of tourists through the design of light and shade of different functional Spaces, and deeply feel the cultural transmission brought by the academy in the tour experience of “closing” and “releasing”. The intention of the lighting design will follow the spatial order of the building, from abstract to clear, and the lighting effect will gradually unfold from the receiving place.

The hollow sign font in the middle of the entrance porch provides a guide for visitors to enter the academy through indirect lighting by hiding the lamp belt.
A glass arch bridge in a modern, minimalist style connects the porch to the museum across the water. We have hidden light strips under the glazed glass on both sides of the arch bridge. The light makes the glass more transparent, and serves as a visual guide while satisfying the functional lighting. Under the water, we set up IP68 grade lamps to illuminate the poetry text at the bottom of the pool, and show it through the way of internal transparency, so that the poetry is more obvious and integrated.

The corridor ceiling at the back of the pavilion still does not have any lamps installed, and indirect lighting is used to highlight the spatial sense and hierarchical relationship of the building. Visitors walking in the corridor, after the reflection of the water, people have become a part of the night scene, as if into a picture of nature and harmonious coexistence.

The lighting design of the Yanzi statue in the climax part of the Sage Hall is inspired by natural light falling from the sky. The top “bamboo” is used to reflect the light onto the statue, avoiding the excessive shadow of the sculpture and allowing visitors to understand the sacred image of the sage more clearly. There is not much light on the facade, and the special structure of the building allows light to penetrate from the interior. The colour temperature of 3000K inside the Sage Hall is in sharp contrast to the outdoor 4000K, but it can be harmonious and coordinated with each other.

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