INFUSION lightings concept for Bangkok’s FATBOY is based on creating an immersive and captivating experience for guests. Embracing the spirit of traditional Japanese Izakaya, celebrating the brand’s playful persona and crafting an ambiance that is both lively and inviting. While elevating the concept to a contemporary, comfortable, and cool dining experience, we remained true to the core of FATBOY—to ensure every guest has a great time.

Connecting the interior design concept by MTMDESIGN with the vibrant energy of Bangkok’s streets, we wove a narrative of Fatboy’s boozie dining bar right from the entrance tribute to Japanese discretion and subtleness. Purposefully, we kept the façade in darkness, except for a single illuminated sign, moving away from the typical neon overload approach. This approach piqued curiosity, encouraging passersby to delve into the intrigue that lays within.

Inside, the lighting strategy revolved around a colorful and vibrant palette, evoking the essence of an Izakaya. To achieve this, we integrated bespoke lanterns that provided ambient illumination with soft accent lighting to table. Linear highlights to elevate architecture to add sophistication, creating balanced layers of light. This not only contributed to the lively atmosphere but also ensured that every nook and corner of the venue offered an recognisable Instagram-worthy backdrop for guests to capture images of the interiors, graphic elements, food, and merriment.

The face of the Fatboy brand, the 8-bit video console-inspired Pixel-artwork by DIRTY HEISMAN, played a central role in the lighting approach. We paid meticulous attention to illuminate it in a style reminiscent of how old masters are showcased in London’s finest institutions. This treatment elevated the artwork, making it a captivating focal point that celebrated the whimsical journey of FATBOY—blending Interior Design, Artwork, Manga, and a Japanese wild Astroboy vibe.

The result is a contemporary and enchanting realm that transports guests into a vibrant world of creativity and joy. As they step into the restaurant, they are greeted by an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly merges tradition with modernity, paying tribute to Japanese culture while embracing the fun and playful spirit of the brand. The lighting scheme, vibrant interior design, and captivating Pixel-artwork combines to create a memorable experience—one that guests have eagerly share with others, further spreading the infectious allure of FATBOY throughout Bangkok.

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