Located in the renowned tourist town, Nianhuawan in Wuxi, China, the Fangxia and Yunshu is a compound with a boutique hotel and a Zen therapy house with a motif of healthy sleep, offering sleep therapies and lifestyle change courses in the context of Zen culture.

In Zen, Fangxia means relinquishing one’s mundane desires and finding their true self. The architectural environment of the Fangxia hotel inspires guests to relax their minds and bodies and let go of their obsessions from the moment they step into the hotel. The light emanated from the indoors and the landscape light presents a welcoming atmosphere at the building entrance. In the courtyard, light and shadow create a peaceful and relaxing space. The human-centric and circadian lighting system mimics the natural daylight during the daytime and enables a personalized sleeping environment in every guestroom during the evening. The touch screen allows guests to customize the light color and the healing music to set up a meditation atmosphere in the room.

The Yunshu therapy house is a two-story building for Zen recuperation and therapy courses. The lighting designer establishes a relaxing, quiet, and private lighting atmosphere that allows the guests to experience Zen through their five senses: hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. The dynamic lighting system of the building creates an immersive environment by setting up lighting scenes according to the needs of each recuperation and therapy course.

In the foyer of Yunshu, multilayered indirect lighting guides guests into a quiet and warm Zen world. The tearoom in the reception area is designed with a relaxing and comfortable lighting environment with minimized luminaire quantity. The meditation room is completely enclosed without any natural light. Consequently, a DMX-controlled RGBW lighting system sets up an immersive tranquil and gentle atmosphere. As requested by the therapists, the system enables them to guide meditation in a changing lighting environment, from soft white to dark warm red to bright white light. The sound therapy room is on the basement floor. Natural light from the lightwell is integrated with indirect artificial light to create a variety of lighting modes based on the needs of the sound therapy course. With a pyramidal ceiling, the spacious yoga room hosts many group yoga activities. An artificial skylight illuminates the surroundings of the ceiling and diffuses circadian lighting to the whole yoga room.

The Fangxia and Yunshu is an extraordinary lighting showcase of how light can determine the well-being of space and create an immersive experience in the hospitability business.

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