Introducing our **Exterior Wash Pro** range, meticulously crafted to infuse architectural spaces with theatrically rich colours. Engineered to achieve an exceptional colour gamut, these fixtures are offered in four sizes ranging from 35W to 250W.

Experience unparalleled colour consistency across fixtures by pairing the Exterior Wash Pro with our Exterior Linear Pro range—both calibrated at the factory for superior results. And simplify installation with the convenience of a shared hybrid cable.

Unleash a burst of highly saturated and mixed colours with the Colour Boost function, complemented by a CCT control spanning from 1000K to 12,500K, ensuring a vast colour palette. Post-manufacture, easily adjust the Beam Angle or add optical control such as a snoot, to suit your specific needs.

Programming flexibility is at your fingertips with RDM in DMX or standalone mode, allowing you to customize lighting dynamics seamlessly. The robust housing, boasting an IP66, IK08, and C-5 High corrosion rating, ensures durability in diverse environments.

Our units are not only resilient but also adaptable to varying conditions. The standard Marine & Chlorine environment coating makes them suitable for applications ranging from urban landscapes to challenging maritime installations.

Explore our range of dynamic CCT units, offering colour temperatures from 2400K to 6500K—an ideal choice for illuminating even the most intricate facades.

Elevate your architectural lighting experience with our Exterior Wash Pro range—where innovation meets vibrant design.

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