Niche, a surface mounted adjustable spot light offering a clean beam from its dedicated curved optic, has been developed into an exterior rated product.

This right angled wedge is IP66 for use outdoors. Exterior Niche is designed to be discreetly located in a corner, allowing the linear beam to follow the details of archways and window reveals. The way it is mounted is flexible and can be tailored to project requirements.

It can be internally adjusted to suit its environment. Only 60 x 60mm it still offers impactful distribution with min. 95 CRI (97 typical).

As with a high proportion of the Stoane Lighting range Exterior Niche has been put through CIBSE’s TM65 and SLL’s TM66 metrics.

Through 2023 we will broaden our product data offering further. We firmly believe that solid, science-based data is the only way to make informed decisions that can make the much-needed beneficial impact on our environment.

The more you know the less you need.

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