During the day this contemporary spa building is flooded with natural daylight. However, as night falls the lighting really comes into play by layering the effects to highlight and model the 3 main finishes: stone, glass and timber.

Effective lighting design helps to soften the hard finishes in a spa environment to create a haven of tranquillity

Linear LED downlights, seamlessly integrated into the timber slatted ceiling alongside speakers, provide the general light levels. The glare control is so efficient with these fittings that there was a concern that the ceiling could feel oppressively dark in comparison. To counteract this a linear slot lighting effect was created between the core structure, housing the sauna and steam room, and the timber ceiling to create the illusion of a floating central mass. Floor recessed uplights also lift the impression of the ceiling by highlighting the timber finish.

Poured concrete walls at either end appear to float as they are illuminated with a wall graze LED striplight. These were detailed at the junction with the clerestory. The challenges this created were to not only shield the light from the external view, but also to avoid any reflections of the lighting within the glazing. At night the glass reflects the interior like a mirror and particular attention was made on site to cowl and shield the light source. The fittings were so carefully concealed that you could use the gym equipment next to the wall and still not see the light source.

An asymmetric lighting effect was created in the pool. The effect from the perimeter wall graze and pool floor wash lights meets in corner of the pool – to create a sense of direction, highlighting the meeting of finishes.

In the lower ground floor, devoid of any natural light, a warm ambience is created by ceiling cove lighting which reflects off the warm timber finishes. Striplights were carefully detailed into the changing room joinery to create lit niches and give a sense of depth within the space. This gives a sense of serenity and calm within a spa environment.

Effective lighting helps to create a smooth transition along the spa journey, which often culminates in the massage room. Here a haven of calm and serenity is created by softly illuminating the curtain and indirect linear lighting concealed into the shelving. We avoided using any downlighting within the space as these can be a glare source.

The lighting is effectively managed and controlled on a pre-set dimming system. Bright day-lit spaces are immediately transformed into an oasis of calm with the touch of a button. At night the general downlighting is dimmed down and the perimeter lighting becomes the main focus. The hard natural finishes are beautifully enhanced with a soft diffuse light. A wonderful example of how lighting design can enhance and add value to the perception of a space.

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