Interior, asymmetric tilted-beam, wall-grazing, linear LED lighting range

A custom designed asymmetric vectored light output version of the Euclid 40 was developed for the refurbishment of the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York, in collaboration with lighting designers Fisher Marantz Stone.

In order to successfully illuminate the acoustically optimized undulating beech wood panelling of the auditorium walls, luminaires with a strongly asymmetric vectored output were required.

The custom Euclid 40 luminaires incorporate angled asymmetric lenses, anti-glare louvres and a softening optical film to produce the optimal lit effect for the project.

Radiant self-locking adjustable angle mounting brackets were included to allow vertical adjustment of individual luminaires.

Semi-recessed and surface-mounted versions were developed, keeping the profile of the fixture as shallow as possible and allowing them to integrate into the existing architecture of the auditorium.

All visible metal work was powder coated in a bespoke RAL powder coat, produced especially for the project, which matches the paint finish used for the project, ensuring that the luminaires are as visually unobtrusive as possible.

Either integral LV DC to DC drivers or remote AC to DC driver versions are available.

The Euclid 40 Vector system is available in satin black, satin white or any RAL paint colour finish.

The system is available in custom lengths to order.

Paul Marantz of Fisher Marantz Stone provided a brief overview of the project requirements:

“The challenge of this fixture design was to light the wood sidewalls and backwall while preserving the acoustic rigidity and isolation of these surfaces. The project was essentially a renovation of the 1962 Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center, New York. The original acoustic design was unsatisfactory, and part of the fix required the walls and ceiling to be more acoustically reflective. That required all lighting perforations to be sealed. Therefore, the fittings needed to be very shallow.”

“Since most viewers face the stage, the main light beam was louvered and vectored in that direction to enhance the curvature and texture of the wood walls. Collaborating with Radiant, all the boxes were ticked.”

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