Ettorino is the new family of Catellani & Smith products that includes the T and Clamp table models and the F and BIG standing lamps.
Preceded by the development of an innovative motion system that has been patented, these new articulated lamps are characterised by a simple, rigorous design featuring surprising details, and are designed to perform specific functions.

Also available in the classic black and white finishes, the “colourful” versions of the Ettorino lamps feature an elegant combination of primary colours, mixing blue, yellow and red. The signature feature of all the lamps is a functional detail in the shape of a red, dancing figure.Ettorino T and Clamp are designed as desk lamps, to offer suitable lighting for work surfaces thanks to the possibility to move and rotate them.

The light produced by a 10W (1440 lumen) COB LED contained in the cylindrical head of Ettorino can be positioned at varying distances from the surface of the desk, and the head can also be rotated to direct the light towards a wall. The red man silhouette, clipped onto the horizontal rod of the lamp, guarantees balanced movement, acting as a tensioner. Light intensity can be regulated using the dimmer on the cable, held in place by a small magnet on the base of Ettorino T, and on the clamp in the Clamp version, suitable for attaching to surfaces with a thickness of up to 5.5 cm.

Ettorino T and Clamp are made to last, thanks to the top-quality materials and processes, and both the light source and the plug driver are easy to replace.

Ettorino F is the floor lamp version, designed for use as a reading lamp. The model has the same features as Ettorino T and Clamp, with a minimum height of around 130 cm and a swivel arm around 70 cm long. The stem of the lamp has a height of 80 cm, resting on a square base for stability, featuring a small red button to adjust light intensity.

Ettorino BIG, as the name suggest, is a large floor lamp designed for the lighting of a living room or a table of up to 200 cm long, thanks to a 15W and 2200 lumen COB LED (equivalent to a 110 W halogen bulb) and a very wide optical lens that spreads the light evenly over the surface below.With a minimum height of 210 cm, Ettorino BIG not only offers direct downward lighting, with an intensity that can be adjusted using the red button on the stem of the lamp; it also has a second light source equipped with a lens with a dichroic filter that projects “magical light” onto the ceiling in unexpected magenta tones; this function can be activated using a second, independent black button.

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