Sky Lounge restaurant is located on the 21st floor of Espinas Palace Hotel and has one of the most attractive views overlooking Tehran. The restaurant was officially opened on 20th of January, 2021.

Sky Lounge restaurant is located in Sa’adat Abad in the north of Tehran, renowned for its leading edge architecture, welcoming atmosphere and attractive night scenery. Just like a sparkling jewel, the restaurant dazzling in the middle of a mysterious paradise, fascinates everyone from afar.

The Sky Lounge restaurant of Espinas Palace Hotel with eye-catching and strikingly beautiful architecture and lovely interior design, impress everyone to take his hat off to its splendour.
The hotel provides different luxury services in order to meet the expectations of its guest customers.

Most of the decorative ornaments and accessories, as well as light fittings and luminaire are custom designed and made exclusively for this hotel.

The restaurant has a structural steel design with a unique facade and high ceiling, in two floors with a total area of 1600 square meters, which includes the main restaurant, coffee shop, sushi bar, private space and open-plan kitchen. The capacity of this restaurant is 300 people and its VIP space is located on the half floor.


The interior shell and expose ceiling of the restaurant was considered practically dark in order to contrast architectural and decorative elements with the background, so stand out with the aid of lighting, exhibited as free-standing characters. In the lighting of this space, special attention has been paid to each and every single element.

Minimal space illumination as well as all lights shed over the tables are provided by 2700k CCT lights.

The pyramid-shaped “3D Geometric Art Wall” is illuminated in such a way that its light sources are concealed, and moreover, by creating a pleasant contrast of light and shade as an attractive focal point. The entire set, like a work of art, catches the visitors’ eyes.

There is also a large portrait on the opposite wall, the lighting is in a way that gives the viewer a sense illusion of the portrait protruding from the background.

There are also two hung swordfish that are illuminated as if they are circling in shallow water under sunlight, and in the background in behind them, there is a split green wall that is lit by side-lights. There’s also a winged hippo that is illuminated in a way as if it’s flying in the sky under direct sunlight.

In VIP section, cube showcases are placed onto wall, and are displayed in the most beautiful way possible, and lit by linear CCT 5000k sidelights.

All lampshades and chandeliers used in this restaurant, are bespoke and exclusively custom designed for this project so that it can imply the solidarity of the design all throughout this area.

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