In a small desert town, the furthest location from any ocean in Australia, Eromanga is home to Australia’s newest natural history museum featuring significant remains of a newly discovered large dinosaur species, the largest ever found in Australia.

Situated in a remote and regional context with a harsh climate, the building and its systems are designed to adapt a modern architectural language and offer best-value approach with minimal dependence to the conveniences and the services easily available and affordable in urban centres.

The fittings and control are selected considering the unique location of the building. Equipment selection is streamlined to minimise different typologies and variants with one fitting type utilised. The installation does NOT use complex control systems but rather lo-fi features with simple mains dimmers that allow setting of the intensity whilst not requiring programming.

Elegant and integrated, the façade lighting is a sophisticated outcome with a simple, robust design solution suitable for the unique environment. Focused lighting of the façade, with no other periphery lighting elements, creates a landmark, providing sufficient orientation and wayfinding without adverse effect or intrusion to the dark surrounds. Captured by the soffit, considered positioning and optics ensure light does not pollute the environment or night sky. A matt finish ensures a dramatic grazing effect with a soft indirect illumination of the soffit also providing the functional illumination, framing the view with a glare free arrangement.

At dusk, the building appears emerging from the earth, grounded in the expansive landscape. Warm lighting interplays with the setting sun bringing a warmth to the solid rigidity of the concrete form, enhancing the height of the columns and creating a striking entry to the building. A soft glow emanates from the upper windows of the clerestory; a glimpse to the interior. The solution is in harmonious dialogue with the architectural form, materials and unique site context to deliver a cohesive night identity and image of the building confident and comfortable within its surrounds.

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