Entwine is a story, it is the narrative from beginning to end, the curves and flow of the coils of rope are a journey in light. The interweaving of paths, and connections make this more than a light fixture, it is a sculpture. Created by Duncan Ward and Ben Merrylees for Satelight design, it is a flexible kit to create many different design solutions. With a fusion of woven rope, brass and timber, the collection is comprised of the Entwine pendant, String theory wall light and the Unwind wall and ceiling fixtures, which is also used to create some amazing installations for lobbies, restaurants and residential projects.

As a design studio, Satelight is often engaged to create concepts for installations. The Foucault pendulum concept, draws inspiration from Leon Foucault’s 1850’s invention to prove that the earth rotates. The illuminated line represents a life span completing a full rotation. The light line passes through various points along its journey that provides the literal up’s and down’s, they are the experiences that give a life richness. No matter what challenges we face, the pendulum swings and the earth continues to rotate.
With the ties rope gives to nautical themes, the weighted elements reference navigational way points; such as the cardinal markers, used to guide sailors through treacherous waters. While the traditional pendant light fixture would be suspended from a cord and illuminated, this installation inverts this to create a different language of light. While each weight is significant, it is only a marker along a journey, which is why the rope representing the journey is illuminated.

The collection is continuing to expand and deliver new stories. The design team are exploring kinetic lighting technology with smart dimming systems to bring another dimension to illuminating spaces. By creating movement in the coils of light, it gives a totally different reading of the installation, you read the lights movement at anyone moment along a path rather than it all being evenly illuminated. The subtle shifts in tone or colour can also give a sense of the emotion for an installation or a space. We want to create elements that the user can interact with and reflect their personality. Given the inherent durability of the woven material and the use of Ip 65 rated LED strip, we envisage that the product and its related design with have capabilities in numerous environments and applications.

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