The reconstruction of the Enex Façade presented an opportunity to bring the building to life at night through façade lighting. Located in downtown Perth, the Enex is a shopping centre within a busy pedestrian street.

The heritage façade of the building is in contrast to the modern buildings surrounding it, and needed an imaginative lighting solution to meet modern standards while respecting it’s delicate heritage. From the outset the lighting design was developed to bring out the architectural features of the building, while adding another layer of colour changing light helped bring a more dynamic element.

The first layer of façade lighting consists of up lights that highlight the many columns of the façade, using a slightly wider beam in order to also catch the architectural details on the ledges above. The additional layer of light, which consists of colour changing RGB technology, is applied in two areas. The first is within the two side towers which consists of up lights to highlight the inner side of the columns and also catch the ledge details of the tower structures.

The second dynamic layer is placed within the balconies of the building, using linear lights that flood the interior of the balcony. The typical lighting scene presents a contrast between the 3000K light of the front columns while the RGB lights are in a very warm amber colour. Colour changing ability allows the client to portray specific lighting scenes to celebrate national holidays and special seasons, bringing a truly dynamic and playful element to the area for the public to enjoy.

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