We see how energy flows through shapes, organic life inspired by light to reach the best expression of itself, manifested through the infinite codified shapes in the light and matter. Love being the only key to allow its proper and inherent expression of self.

It burns in us like fire. we see the light if we close our eyes and we amplify it by allowing the light to be.

A garden flooded by magic perceives love as the commitment to the existence of two beings and by acknowledging it, it amplifies in a story that wraps and covers them to make of a moment something nontemporal and infinite expressing itself with its infinite energy that travels with it in an endless symbiosis within all the expression of life…love expressed through the beauty and the inherent magic that travels through all nature in one sole energy of life.

The subtle journey through submergible installations, allows us to understand how the flow of energy and can take form to cover its habitants. In the middle of the energy that travels inside the earth and connects beings, structures a cathedral of bamboo to house an eternal commitment…this amplified and infinite energy, feeds off love and it expresses itself through nature and opens up like a nest, blanket and protects its beings in energy of surreal beauty because it can only be perceived and felt.

Mini floating bamboo mark and allow the visible paths that connect a birth of fireflies that become the landscape and living proof of the manifested light.

Do you feel it? What does it feel like?

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