EMI, a prototype that will be part of a network of smart stations in different parts of the city. Its shape is allusive to a tree in formal terms. The perfect synergy between form and function, generating shade, capturing rainwater that takes into its “roots” in a 1000-liter tank which carries out an intelligent irrigation system that nourishes the entire surrounding area. Its parametric design allows to scale and modify EMI in order to adapt it to any other space.

EMI provides to Uruguayan citizens and tourist , City information, electronic devices charger, bike inflator and reparation tools, cold water for hydration / hot water for mate, cooling mist and others services.

A low budget project requires both a smart and efficient solution. EMI lighting design challenge was to combine both, creating an innovating response to the design of this city landmark. To achieve this challenge, architectural design and materiality combined with lighting design reach effective and impressive urban and social results.

Four in-ground adjustable wallwashers are in charge of raising the “tree trunk” from the roots, uplighting the base of the 360º structure. This allows full city visibility of this new milestone, encouraging citizens to get closer and interact with EMI. These luminaires also recompose the parametric volumetry exposing his different textures.

In the “tree top”, four asymmetrical projectors are located in the interior of the tree which works as a whole with the perforated metallic envelope. The lighting effect pretended, was possible thanks to the multiple reflections generated between the asymmetric projectors and the tensioned awing on the top. The interior outcoming light represents the tree “soul”, which travels though the metallic envelopes holes. In hot summer days, the interior light which goes through the holes merges with the cooling mist producing an expansive cloudy diffused lighting effect which creates an interactive urban atmosphere that refreshes pedestrians.

A city gift to all Uruguayan citizens and visitors. A tree which nourishes and transforms the surrounding landscape and goes far beyond the artificial fact, incorporating light, water, and energy in an unique urban element. Over time, it will generate a “new nature”.

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