Emergence is a large-scale, touring light sculpture by creative studio This is Loop, led by artists Harriet Lumby and Alan Hayes. This is Loop are responsible for the artistic concept and design of the piece, the technical engineering, fabrication process, lighting design and programming as well as the overall tour coordination and logistics.

The artistic concept behind Emergence is that the sculpture is a space for contemplation. A sanctum within which to consider the dynamic interplay between order and chaos, finding creativity in the blurred line between the two, and the momentous role this plays in systems, life, the self and the universe.

The sculpture consists of 75 large mirror units covered on all surfaces with a reflective finish arranged into a cylindrical pavilion-style structure that is open to the sky above. The inside of the individual mirrored nodes of the installation offer surprising, playful and awe inspiring visual illusions that also culminate in an overall combined effect when viewed from a short distance.

Four lines of individually addressable LED’s run around the outer end of each unit creating a square and making a total of approx. 14,000 pixels on the entire structure. These LED’s are visible from inside and outside and display a constantly evolving and mesmerising program of highly complex light patterns choreographed to the accompanying audio track.

Each section is carefully constructed to conjure an optical illusion inside the unit, creating a complete sphere of light when viewed from up close that morphs into a giant grid of light when viewed from a short distance. This enables distinct experiences for the viewer which range from collective to intimate depending on location.

This is Loop collaborated with the incredible ‘NYX: Electronic Drone Choir’ to create the choral, tribal-feeling soundscape for Emergence to which the lighting is programmed.

Emergence has been carefully engineered to tour. The structure design, the framework, ballast, materials and tech are all chosen to ensure the artwork stacks and ships ergonomically, is tolerant enough for challenges posed by variable locations and robust enough to be exhibited outdoors in all weathers to large audiences.

The concept is to take the sculpture to people in their cities; bringing light, art and all the associated benefits to audiences in the darkness of winter months. Emergence has been exhibited at light and art festivals in city centres across the UK seeing audiences in excess of 1.5 million since its launch in January. Taking art into city centres and into the public realm means there is no barrier to access for audiences, making the artwork egalitarian, accessible and appealing to all regardless of age, ability, nationality, language, gender, socio-economic background or education.

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