Elements is the modular technology platform from InstaLighting for maximum demands on lighting quality and flexible planning. 

A modular system of optics, lamps and control management solutions allows you to configure
bespoke high-quality lighting scenarios for every conceivable application – interior and exterior.

It is possible to create any luminaire shape, from spot to linear.

Every light module can be controlled individually. Thus Elements can turn a static luminaire into a versatile all-rounder (e.g. digital zoom, digital lighting scenarios…)

With Elements, architects are able to adapt the luminaire’s design and form language to the architecture.

Lighting designers can plan with Elements much more detailed and thus give your work more expression.

Because Elements allows you to control each module in a luminaire individually, you can react even better to the seasons with the artificial light.

For example, a tree with a lot of foliage in summer can be illuminated from below to the top of the tree and in winter without foliage, only the trunk can be illuminated with a small beam angle. This prevents light pollution.

In a restaurant, a luminaire can be used to create a beautiful background light in the form of a wallwash and at the same time the tables can be illuminated during the day to match the daylight.

In a lobby, one luminaire with 2 different beam angles can be used during the day to respond to hotel operations. During the day you use a uniform neutral white illumination and in the evening a cosy warm white brilliant light.

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