El Festín is an immersive erotic experience that takes place annually, designed by Sociedad de Carne y Hueso and La Eroteca. In this edition the concept was AVIVAR EL FUEGO with the support of Joyclub LATAM.

The event was made up of micro scenes in the form of a tableau vivant, where fifty spectators were invited to share a sensory journey in intimate atmospheres.

With subtle gestures the lighting transformed the facilities of Zunzún Jungla Insular, an old mansion in Mexico City, into a space to enjoy sensuality, explore eroticism and celebrate it.

The house is made up of four spaces: Jungla, Cuarto de los objetos, Vestíbulo and Galería. Which were intervened without modifying, perforating or permanently altering the architecture.

In the lighting design process, we collaborated with the artists and performers in order to generate personalized atmospheres for each one of them.

The intervention began from the entry, where it provided support for an art installation created for the space. In the Jungla, dynamic scenarios were created for the welcome show that were transformed with the passing of the acts. In the bar area, some existing elements were highlighted with the intention of creating environments that dialogue with the sensuality of the space.

Inside the Salón de los objetos and Vestíbulo, gloom environments were generated through the use of candles and oil lamps. In addition, some elements in red ligh that followed the architecture stand out with the intention of evoking fire and eroticism.

In the Galería, flower arrangements, fruits and a bed in the center of the room that invited the viewer to participate in the act, were highlighted.

In each space, performative pieces were made that invited, through eroticism, burlesque and butoh dance, the enjoyment of the senses in a safe, inclusive, diverse and free place from harassment or violence, where each attendee could have a free expression of its sensuality.

During the course of the acts, the lighting interacted with the performers and responded to specific moments. The atmospheres made it possible to focus attention on each act, but it was also possible to contemplate objects, textures and the composition of the entire space.

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