The order of the day with this Japanese hibachi grill restaurant was less is more. Diverse dining experiences were curated within a single environment, catering for all the senses. The concept saw us take cues and treat it like we were illuminating a mini Japanese landscape.

Experimentation was the key in achieving the desired distribution and spread of light so that the illumination accomplished the task of lighting the space functionally but also aesthetically (such as grazing the carefully considered interior layers and textures).

We communicated a relaxed dining mood through indirect lighting techniques. For example, achieving the right mounting detail, spec and output was crucial in softly illuminating the hand-trowelled walls. This was critical in representing the calmness of a zen garden. High-level strip lighting which reflected off the beautiful textured ceiling also acted as a functional indirect light for the dining space, resulting in a warm, calm mood.

Some of the feature lighting was executed using customised stick lights to intersect like Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing. The kitchen pod features 3000k warm white panel lights to make sure the open kitchen is consistent with the dining space and pays respect to the beautiful ply textures used in the kitchen area. The bar’s clean and raw lines were enhanced using mini concealed strip lighting which disappears into the shelving, softly illuminating the in-house sake bottles. Along the bartop a mini tubular pendant delicately highlights the raw beauty.

An acoustic treatment (softening restaurant noise for improved sociability) with gentle layered light reminds one of Japanese snow on the ceiling, creating overall a very serene and very inviting dining experience.

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