The Middle East, Africa and Asia’s first independent aviation safety & evacuation training facility.

Dynamic Advanced, is a state of the art facility for the aviation sector, with hands on training for all employees for private & public air transportation.

Featuring real fuselages and aircraft that are fitted to industry standards, it is the one-stop shop for all aviation companies who require their staff to have hands-on training. Made up of 4 aircraft cabins constructed to real life examples, it features as an example some of the following:

• fully functional 3M deep wave pool to simulate rough seas and limited visibility
• fully simulated turbulence
• life rafts and slides
• smoke-infused cockpit
• oxygen hypoxia training
• arctic and jungle room survival
• a signature restaurant

For Light.Func, it is the most fun and challenge we have had in a while! Spanning 11M ceilings and different training rooms, all our lighting skills were put into play – especially because the client had an unallocated budget at planning.

The lighting scheme therefore, started with the daylight aspect within the spaces, and found a way to enhance functional tasks, whilst highlighting all the different elements within the space. Furthermore, we created dynamic scenes, due to the facility being operational 24 hrs, to simulate different times of day even during the night. The aircraft simulators were also included in the scope, from the actual cabins inside, to the floating platforms on which the aircraft rest. Creatively, and technically, we wanted to connect the under-lighting of the aircraft with the ambient light, so that it changes according to the rest of the environment – with an added feature – as the simulators go into training mode, a trigger would turn the under-lighting red, synonymous with training in session!

For the rest of the spaces, Light.Func created a sophisticated but welcoming reception synonymous with the aviation industry, incorporating the client’s strong corporate identity. The restaurant is underlined with elegance, allowing patrons to relax whilst enjoying the vista of the training area.

Colour temperature, daylight, circadian rhythms, controls – a lighting designer’s dream!

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