A perfect balance of clean, simple form and high output functionality, DRX2 Zoom is the newest addition to RCL’s product portfolio. Delivering over 3200lm on target with the addition of variable beam technology, DRX2 Zoom is RCL’s most powerful and versatile luminaire to date, making it perfect for applications with very high ceilings and ever-changing set ups.

Ideal for galleries and museums, DRX2 Zoom has the ability to seamlessly shift from illuminating a small artefact to a large sculpture in seconds, all from one single luminaire. With pan, tilt, dim level and beam angle all controlled completely from ground level, DRX2 Zoom removes the need for manual focusing between exhibits, maximising the profitability of a space and minimising health and safety risk.

With two variable beam offerings and two lumen packages, DRX2 Zoom is the ideal lighting solution for adaptable spaces. The beam passes through a highly efficient TIR optic into the LensVector liquid crystal beam-shaping filter, which allows adjustment from the narrow 10˚ beam all the way up to 55˚, along with a higher output option of 15˚-55˚. DRX2’s 90+ CRI ensures that every display is seen in its best light.

DRX2 Zoom uses passive cooling concealed within a minimal and unobtrusive aesthetic to maximise lumen output, delivering excellent performance while blending neatly into its surroundings.

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