This old villa was built in a garden with an area of 1200 square meters, the front view of which overlooks a pool, and an alcove.

Big and leafy old walnut trees with a height of approximately 15 meters have surrounded the garden while small fruit trees with a height of approximately 4 meters have been placed in the middle of the garden.

The purpose of this Lighting Design Project is to create a beautiful, eye-catching design, which helps the inhabitant feel disconnected from the stressful rush of everyday city life and invites them to remain calm, peaceful, and content.

To create a depth in the atmosphere, the walnut trees located around the garden were designed with 10 W- warm white small flood lights. These light sources were placed among the tree leaves. By producing wide-angle beams of light, they could create warm and beautiful effects in the dense and central foliage of the trees. The beams help soften the overall appearance while creating a layer of light and 3-dimensional appearance of landscape.

In the landscape lighting of this garden, the luminous composition has been observed to a desirable extent. Since trees are the most important elements of this landscape, they have been covered in light sources with two different types of luminous intensity and the cohesion of these elements has been tried to be maintained. Therefore, cohesion that is one of the most important tools of luminous composition has a prominent presence in this space.

All these light sources were camouflaged by palm tree bark, so that during the day, it seems that there are birds’ nests on the foliage. All light sources embedded on the trees are low voltage and their power cables have flexible coating with the same color as the tree bark to create better camouflage. In addition, depending on the annual growth rate of the tree, extra cables exist on top of the tree.

Additionally, 70 handmade cylindrical stone structures have been installed behind the fruit trees. These cylindrical structures are made from small, white, natural stones and feature an RGBW light source at one end which can be controlled through a central control system.

The software used to control these light sources is programmed in such a way to be able to simulate the same visual effect as the glimmering light from a candle.

What a viewer will observe is that in each individual cylindrical stone structure, there is a candle/light burning and glimmering brightly. The colour and glimmering speed of the light sources have been programmed previously by the central controller.

2 multi dot laser light sources (200 mW) were used to project more than 800 very bright white dots shining on branches and leaves of trees from the farthest place, inspired by starry skies. In this design, we approved the unique ability of lighting in the creation of a magical atmosphere; an atmosphere that can have a profound effect on the innermost spiritual aspects of humans.

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