The new Dong’an Lake Sports Park is located in Chengdu, China.

The sports park with a total area of 320,000 square meters features one big outdoor stadium, three enclosed sports halls as well as outdoor activity areas and parks. The Dong’an Lake Sports Park was developed to be the main venue of the 31st Summer Universiade, the FISU World University Games.

Lichtvision has been appointed as lead lighting design consultant, for the overall architectural lighting of interior and exterior areas, facades, as well as landscape areas.

The overall intention was to maintain a timeless and elegant lighting featuring static every-day scenes as well as being capable of media integration providing event and festive modes. The lighting scheme had to consider minimizing visual disturbance and light pollution to the adjacent parks and natural habitats of fauna and flora.

Designed by China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp Ltd. the main stadium is capable to accommodate up to 40,000 spectators. The stadium’s overall architectural design is intended to resemble a spaceship, a round shaped “UFO”.

Feature lighting underlines this theme and aesthetics and is capable to further activate it by the use of a highly flexible and dynamic components.

Continuous linear light strips are integrated within the façade between each of the horizontally running louvers featuring an indirect lighting effect onto every louver. The individually addressable lighting fixtures provide full flexibility and create a platform for low-resolution media content.

Point sources of direct lighting components add sparkle to the façade. This essential component and contrast to the predominant indirect lighting and ties into the overall concept of the spaceship theme. The event mode simulates the speed and rotational effect of the UFO spinning and taking off.

The everyday lighting enhances the architectural shape of the building timeless. It emphasizes the round shaped and curved body using a soft monochromatic white light applied from poles surrounding the stadium.

The second component of the architectural lighting features an inner glow of the semi-transparent tensile-type roof. Integrated within the roofs structural elements, linear fixtures lighting into the tensile roof creating a homogeneous ceiling of light towards the inside as well as outside. Large scale graphics of the so called “sun god bird”, a traditional bird figure and cultural symbol of the city Chengdu are applied creating large graphical silhouettes.

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