The Disco collection is the latest addition by the young German manufacturer dreizehngrad – a clear graphical expression meets exciting material contrast. A wafer-thin steel plate and a turned oak cone make a perfect match. The graphical sculptural silhouette puts the focus on the spherical light source. The proportions of the different sizes are harmoniously tailored to allow solitary use, in an accurate row or a free group arrangement. The colour palette offers additional creative scope.

The 2 mm thin steel discs are cut precisely with the laser and are available in four matt, finely structured colours: white, slate-grey, violet-blue and pine-green. The solid oak wood cone is manufactured traditionally and shows the natural beauty of the material in texture and surface.

Good design demands simplicity and thereby opens up scope for versatile use. The luminaires strictly arranged in sets or rows can be easily integrated into a stringent, clearly structured environment. In a free arrangement of different sizes they add dynamic and momentum – a good basis for an environment made for exchange of ideas, enjoyment and vitality. The Disco light series skilfully play with the contrast between industrial formal language and warm wood elements. They enhance a space without being too dominant. Graphical, clear, concise – the Disco collection by dreizehngrad is a versatile product that provides a solution for every setting.

dreizehngrad creates light combining tradition and modern spirit. Since 2010 a small team has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality, handmade lights. The materials are shown pure and genuine. In the manufacturing process, modern technologies and classic craftsmanship go hand in hand. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, lovingly shaped by hand in their workshop in Dresden.

dreizehngrad loves natural materials and the daily work with them. The lights are characterized by the natural appearance of the wood applied. The growth rings and natural colour hues of the veneer let each lamp tell its unique story. In the designs they combine a modern formal language with a special emphasis on material and traditional manufacturing.

The lights are used in commercial premises as well as in private homes. Together with architects, interior designers and lighting designers dreizehngrad equipped exceptional spaces in restaurants, hotels or retail stores. In addition to the existing product spectrum, they also offer made-to-measure lighting solutions. With a strong feel for materials and shapes and good attention to detail, dreizehngrad produces high-quality custom-made products.

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