The city of Paris welcomed back the Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne during its world-renowned fashion week, held in March 2022, after two years of intensive renovation. Under the direction of Peter Marino Architects this whole new Dior universe represents a unique masterpiece from various points of view; other than accommodating the full extent of Dior’s creations, the store itself is part of the maison’s history.

Christian Dior himself chose this building originally built in the 1860s for his first store and atelier. The new space includes a wide range of artwork both contemporary or restored ones that make part of the history of the original store of the 1950s.

Apart from the artistic value and consequent requirements, 30 Avenue Montaigne is not only a majestic retail space; dining and bar areas, indoor gardens and lounges, an Haute Couture showroom and a suite for exclusive guests to spend the night are also part of the building program. A 360 shopping and living experience was designed by Peter Marino and Metis Lighting was entrusted with the lighting of it.

From the feature staircase showcasing luminous “white canvas” mannequins floating on the wall, to the Dior Suite and of course all the various exhibited crafts, lighting had to use museum, hospitality and retail principles.

The entire collection and iconic timeless design of the maison are exhibited in an quite impressive context; shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery and homeware showcased in rooms with unique and lavish wall and ceiling finishings.

From mirror, wood, metal, custom plaster to toile de Jouy, every material received dedicated light in terms of colour rendition, temperature and of course beam specifications for both downlights and linear light fittings.

In addition to carefully studying each lighting fixtures position Metis Lighting decided to reduce as much as possible the visibility of the light fittings. Being deeply shielded and highly efficient with reduced dimensions, the adjustable ceiling downlights managed to almost disappear and create the impression of almost invisible light.

Additionally, every millwork piece integrates dedicated lighting for adding focus on the exhibited items contributing also on the balance of contrasts and illuminance layering.

The overall wandering of the visitor passing from interiors to covered sculptured landscape areasflows together with different light qualities combining natural and artificial lighting components while maintaining visual comfort.

30 Avenue Montaigne reveals the high-quality skillset and artistry of all the actors involved in this project that together produced another Dior artefact itself to admire, enjoy and live in.

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