Dichroic Sphere is a light sculpture by Danish light artist and designer Jakob Kvist. The sculpture consists of an aluminium geodesic dome structure, attached with dichroic film and lit up by a single energy efficient LED light bulb. 

The special dichroic film in combination with the geodesic shape and single light bulb, makes the visual impression of Dichroic Sphere consistent, no matter what angle you look upon it.  Dichroic Sphere is visible from afar, lights up its surroundings and casts a matrix of dichroic shades 360 degrees around the structure.

Dichroic Sphere changes colour according to what angle the light comes from. In daylight, with the sun shining through the structure, Dichroic Sphere has asymmetrical colours, because the natural daylight enters and exits at in one direction. At night-time, when light is emitted from inside out by the single light bulb, the colours are constant according to the placement of the light source in the middle of the geodesic structure. When clouded, the colours become symmetrical but with the opposite pattern when lit up at night.

Dichroic Sphere is constructed and assembled by hand in Denmark. Its structure consists of recycled aluminium to make its carbon footprint as small as possible.

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