DIALOGUE is a large-scale light art installation by artist Christopher Bauder commissioned by Royal Commission for Riyadh City for Noor Riyadh Light Art Festival 2023. The city-wide show transforms two of the most iconic towers on the Riyadh skyline into living characters that interact with each other and communicate through light and sound. The towers send light signals as a non-verbal exchange to express abstract emotions. Sometimes they appear friendly and playful, sometimes curious and inquisitive, sometimes angry or frustrated.

DIALOGUE celebrates the diverse, dynamic and creative ways in which we connect and communicate with each other and the world around us. DIALOGUE symbolizes communication between individuals, between cultures and between nations. A constant exchange and open dialog is what today’s world needs to bring us all closer together, accept our differences and build new connections between strangers who can become friends.

A record-breaking number of 485 moving lights, 72 LED floodlights and 4 ultra-bright lasers form the technical backbone of this site-specific temporary light art installation. The close synchronization of the light and laser animations between the two towers and the ability for viewers to listen to the soundtrack in real time via their phones anywhere in the city make DIALOGUE a unique and unprecedented technical achievement.

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