Spread across 20 acres on the foot of the Aravalli Mountains, Devi Ratn, luxury hotel in Jaipur, is a rendition of everything Jaipur stands for with its avant-garde, surreal and intricate design.

The architecture is lavish and scale of the project overpowers the visitor as one starts to experience it from the entry ramp. It’s a juxtapose of Indian architecture & modern interior design as we enter the reception lobby which has curved roof Jalli in red stone with natural light pouring through it and creating a play of light & shadow in daytime. Our intent was to accentuate the entire volume with warm white tones with wider distribution on upper part and gentle accent on the lower and absorb the visitor completely as one sits on the colourful loungers and admire the intricate work on the stone.

Central light installation was inspired by traditional Jaipur chandelier but styled in acrylic and different light scenes were configured in RGBW as per the daily requirements of hotel operations. Special fixtures with high lumen engines were customised to fit in the stone jalli for accentuating the reception area, sculptures, furniture & other high point of the space. Public corridors have no downlighting and entire lighting is conceptualised on indirect lighting or selective accent of elements through the long corridor to the F&B areas.

The ‘Mandala Bar’ feels like a celestial marvel with circular form, mirror ceiling and natural skylight which add the softness to the overall feel of the space. We ideated around the mirror ceiling as it was giving phenomenal reflections and was setting a strong visual tone. We accented the white curtains as a feature element and set various colour themes to the bar which created stunning visual vocabulary.

All day dining space has a ribbed vault ceiling painted in silver finish with black glossy flooring and our aim was to create a fill of ambient light from a central pendent fixture which was customised locally as part of heritage theme. Daylighting gave a different visual of the vault to the user whereas central pendants gave a different rendition as light source changed for the same viewer at night.

While the public areas are more muted and accented with low light levels but guestrooms were more evenly illuminated with emphasis on functionality. All interior design elements were carefully selected and then lighting scenes were created which gave the user the flexibility one desired.

Devi Ratn is a jewel added in the Taj Group of hotels and one must go to experience it at different levels.

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