Designed by Maurici Ginés, this light art installation transports the imagination through a message full of hope, symbolising the birth of something new, flooding the world around it with life.

The installation offers a constantly changing sensory experience. During the day, its elements flicker and reflect flashes of silver and gold. At nightfall, Designova comes to life, illuminating the sky with warm, enveloping tones of gold and red.

“Nova” refers to new stars born from astronomical events, such as supernovae, symbolising the birth of something extraordinary. Designova transports observers to this exciting moment, creating a sense of timelessness and immersing them in starlight.

Designova is accompanied by a sound specially created for the piece. This surround sound evokes the music of the stars as imagined by NASA.

Designova’s structure measures 4 x 4 x 7 metres and consists of nine lightweight layers of thirty kilograms each. It is constructed from recyclable or reusable materials, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

Designova was exhibited at Disseny Hub Barcelona during the Off Llum Bcn light art festival and at the Palo Alto Barcelona creative venue.

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